French Cuisine and Culture Shared with Gratitude

La Cuisine French Restaurant Owner, Patrice Perron Shares His Incredible Journey and Love of Food

The Road to Ocala, Florida

Patrice’s life did not run in a straight line. Like his personality, his career was more fluid. He attributes a lot of his character traits to his father, who was a successful entrepreneur and believed in learning about business. So, before becoming a chef, Patrice went to business school and found himself in Canada. It was there he spent his spring breaks in New York and fell in love with the United States.

Finding Comfort in Routine

Building community and building a business requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and a good routine. Patrice spent the first seven years in the kitchen, but currently focuses more on the administrative side of the restaurant.

Embraced by Community

Everyone in the country, including Ocalans, was affected by the 2020 shutdowns, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Restaurant owners especially suffered, but the situation for the Perrons was a bit more stressful due to the immigration laws. “We are still under [the same] visa. It means, tomorrow, if the business shutdowns, we’d have to go back home,” explains Patrice. “[Last year] was a big struggle. This is where you realize that no matter what, you can give up, of course, or you can thrive even more. It forces you to find a solution.”

A Bright Future

Patrice is looking to the future as dreamers and good businessmen often do. La Cuisine is currently thriving, and he is considering doing more catering and possible expansions. He doesn’t think he’ll ever open a second restaurant, because their business model would not work as a chain.



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