Instagram Paralysis

When Inspiration Stops Your Growth

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Instagram Perfection

Wake up your phone. Now, look at the accounts you follow on Instagram or other social media platforms. They’re perfect, aren’t they? Far better than your own. It’s like the people behind them were born perfect.

How It Affects Creative Growth

Here’s the thing: even if our heroes talk about their flaws, we have our own perception filters to work around. We’ve seen and idolized the flawless face they originally put forward and we can’t unsee it. When our idols tell us about what it took to make it, all we can hear in our head is, “Yeah, but I’ll never be as good as them.”

Stopping the Cycle

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Repeat It

Your life is not an Instagram account. Perfection is not the norm, but failures, struggles, and stumbles are. Use them to grow, give yourself some grace, and then move on. Stop comparing yourself to others. You are unique. Own it and use it to build yourself up instead of using it to tear yourself down.



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