The Table: Bringing People Together

A Magazine’s Mission of Celebrating Dietary Diversity

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What is Dietary Diversity

According to Nutritionist Lalita Bhattacharjee, “Dietary diversity is a qualitative measure of food consumption that reflects household access to a variety of foods and is also a proxy for nutrient adequacy of the diet of individuals.”

We see dietary diversity as the variety of diet habits/choices within one household or group of people.

Let me give you a real-life example. I know a woman and her husband who diligently tried to eat vegan for about six months. This woman is diabetic, and her husband was borderline diabetic. During this time, the woman struggled with her sugar levels, and she could not keep them under control. After a time, this couple decided to change their eating habits to a keto diet, then to a carnivore diet, and finally settling on a balance between these two diets. It is here that this woman’s sugar levels evened out and her husband’s risk of becoming a diabetic decreased significantly.

Why We Celebrate It

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The Table

The Chews Letter table is about bringing people together to break bread and start a conversation. Food is at the heart of so many wonderful events, memories, and traditions. We never want to let diversity of any kind keep us from gathering around the table for the greatest conversations of our lives.



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