La Cuisine French Restaurant Owner, Patrice Perron Shares His Incredible Journey and Love of Food

“Everyone can cook, no? It is just a good way to share your culture.”

Full of gratitude is the phrase that bests describes La Cuisine French Restaurant owner, Patrice Perron. From the moment you meet him you can feel it. He is genuinely grateful.

“It is a great honor to tell my story,” he begins. “When you own a restaurant, of course you are an entrepreneur and want to own a business, but it is the passion for food you want to share,” he explains.

His past as well as his future are important to him. Son of Alex and…

“When I step on stage, the person that I am, the person that I have to be in front of people melts away. For an hour, I get to be my perfect self,“ he says.

Joshua Jacobs cuts an impressive figure as he enters the room. He’s well over six feet tall, but his demeanor is closer to a gentle giant rather than a bouncer. He takes a seat at my desk. His nerves and self-doubt are almost palpable. He shifts in the chair, picks at my desk, and he avoids eye contact for most of the interview. But when…

And I Am Here to Lead with Light

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I am a shameless woman because I have been shamed. I am strong because others thought I was weak. Dark corners with locked doors sheltered me while music played through cheap headphones covered their words. My mother lifted me up with positive affirmations, but they were lost in the sea of destruction created by my peers.

I am a shameless woman because I have been bullied and a victim of gaslighting. I am strong because those who feared my confidence sought to tear me down. …

A Hundred Mile Journey in My Head

a woman’s legs and feet dressed in activewear shown walking on concrete
a woman’s legs and feet dressed in activewear shown walking on concrete
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“I’m going to walk a hundred miles. I’m going to whistle all the while. If that’s what I have to do to make me smile. I’m going to walk a hundred miles.” -Mindy Gledhill, Whole Wide World

Nine years ago, I was working for my father, getting my bachelor’s degree, and trying to build a photography career. I was 30 and looking to find happiness because I thought happiness was something you sought.

I would listen to music from Pandora and at the same time, I was creating slideshow videos for my portrait clients. I kept hearing songs from Mindy…

When Inspiration Stops Your Growth

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In 2012, I returned to school for my bachelor’s in graphic design. It’s also the year I was given my first DSLR camera. At that point, my desire to learn and perfect my crafts turned into an obsession. I sought out social media sites and educational platforms that could feed the fire burning in my stomach. Every time a professor would recommend a person or company to follow, I clicked the like button.

My passion turned to fixation. A switch flipped and suddenly I was no longer learning. I was frozen in place.

Instagram Perfection

Wake up your phone. Now, look at…

A Magazine’s Mission of Celebrating Dietary Diversity

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I was working from home when I received word that I had just been put on furlough. It was April 2020, and the week before I had been assured by upper management that all our jobs were safe. We were told we would not have to worry about our employment. In the moments following this revelation of no longer having a steady income, anything to work on, and an uncertain future, I began to wonder what I was going to do with my time.

Conversations with my coworkers began to float around in my head. Between all of them, I…

Lessons from a Creative Mind

Good and bad light bulbs
Good and bad light bulbs
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I’ve been working on a business plan for what I think is a good idea. It has taken a lot on my part to really think about the numbers side of the business. Numbers have never come naturally to me, but I was pretty proud of the work I put into this plan. When I sent it to a business-minded relative, I realized I had fallen incredibly short of what I really need to have on the pages.

This all got me thinking about the numerous entrepreneurial adventures that I have been surrounded by from family, friends, and even myself…

Why I Love Publishing a Magazine

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It was the lightning moment you always wait for — that choir of angles. I had been talking with my boyfriend about trying to find my passion so I could create a Facebook group. I was feeling lost as to what type of group I should create that wouldn’t get boring too fast. “I have so many passing passions, but I can’t really see my way to my true passion,” I told him.

He looked right at me without blinking an eye and said, “You know what your real passion is? It’s puzzles. That’s why you love graphic design and…

Veganism can be hard, but struggling doesn’t make you a failure.

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Today, I had a pizza pocket. Last month, on my birthday, I ate a steak, and I’m not mad about it. In 2019 I started a plant-based diet, but before this, I had been an omnivore for over 37 years. That’s 37 years of steaks, hamburgers, pepperoni, Wisconsin cheese, chicken wings, and holiday hams. (Okay, I probably didn’t eat most of that stuff when I was a baby, but you get the picture.) It was 37 years of eating one way until one day it wasn’t.

My Health Required a Change

I didn’t decide one night to become vegan. It was a slow process. I…

Enhance the Flavor by Roasting Them

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Something about the smell of roasting vegetables filling your home makes even the most vegetable adverse person say, “Something smells good!”

My kitchen is often filled with the aroma of herbs and vegetables baking in the oven. It is a simple and tasteful way to use up the vegetables in your crisping drawer. It is also a way to fall in love with vegetables you never thought you liked.

When I began regularly roasting them, I discovered I did indeed love cooked carrots, turnips, and even beets. I was also surprised by the flavor of roasted radishes and rutabagas. Those…

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